A Practical and Effective Introduction to Intercession that will help you build your Discipline in Prayer and Character in Christ!!!!

I have been asked many times what it takes to make me effective in prayer. It is not a simple answer. It requires a submission that needs to be developed and taught. ‘Teach me to Pray’ was the only thing that the disciples ever asked Jesus to teach them. It indicates that a disciplined prayer life cannot be received through impartation and activation, Prayer Must be Taught!

A believer can only become effective in prayer by committing and cooperating with God to a life of sacrifice that yields His Image, His Manifested Power, and His Will in the Earth.

Cry Out Prayer Mentorship is usually administered in three segments:

Cry Out
Beginners Edition

Matters of the Heart
A Six Week Course that focuses on the Heart of the Intercessor. Building solid biblical and practical foundations in prayer, as well as working out issues within your heart that would hinder the discipline that God requires from a life of intercession.

Cry Out
Intermediate Edition

Sonship and Dominion
An Eight Week Course focusing on Sonship and Dominion. Expanding on the principles of New Creation Reality while exploring greater dimensions of what it means to be a King and a Priest – Old Testament Basis to New Testament Truth, Jurisdictions and Authority, Prayer Watches and Disciplines, and the Power of Praying in Tongues!

Cry Out
Advance Edition

Let’s Go Deeper!
The Six Week Advanced Course invites Scholars and Master Teachers to share on various aspects of prayer like Warfare, Faith and Miracles, Birthing into the Prophetic, and Technologies for Deliverance.

Doing life with you

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